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5727 S Lewis Ave, STE 110, Tulsa, OK 74105


My lifestyle of health and fitness was heavily influenced by my parents who are longtime athletes. My stepdad, Larry Krutka, has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to personal training and owns Krutka Fitness. He’s competed in Ironman World Championship in Kona, HI five times and is still competing in triathlons to this day. For the past couple of years he has focused on strength training and static contraction for all levels and abilities. And I really do mean all levels and abilities, for example, he has a 90-something man that can lift more than I can (on some equipment), he has teenagers being groomed for college sports and everyone in between. His program is about gaining more strength in a static hold for 30 – 40 seconds. He has a bunch of machines set up to do this but he also has really nice treadmills (Woodway, if you know your treadmills), VASA swim trainer, balance machines and a separate room for TRX, trigger point therapy and ab/core work. Some of the trainers at Krutka Fitness are really knowledgeable in wellness and can create a wellness plan (complete with nutrition guidance) for you. That’s helpful if you travel a lot too, not only because it can help while you’re visiting Tulsa but if you live in Tulsa and are traveling somewhere else these trainers can keep you honest when it comes to your nutrition guidance when you’re on the road. The fitness studio is located in midtown in the first floor of a the Bank of Oklahoma building. It is literally across the hall from the bank lobby. You can park anywhere in the building park lot (there is plenty of parking) but there are designated parking spots for Krutka Fitness on the back side of the building. You can do the weight training in your business clothes and it literally only takes 30 minutes. Larry designed it that way so there was no excuse for missing a workout! Get ‘er done people.

Yours truly happens to be a personal trainer here and if you’re in Tulsa please come on by and let us know you found us through Ramblen!


Natalie Cagle Ramblen AmbassadorThis review was provided by Natalie Cagle, co-founder of Ramblen. Natalie is a triathlete, married to a competitive cyclist and mom of four very active girls. If you’re interested in providing reviews of health and fitness resources in your city or from your travels, please click here.

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