Masters Swimming Workouts at Jenks Trojan Aquatics Center

Masters swimmers are defined as 25 years of age or older but I remember swimming with the Masters when I was in college.

The Tulsa Masters Swim Club is a very welcoming group and couldn’t have a more amazing pool facility to train.  The pool is home to the Jenks Trojan high school swim team whom graciously share their amazing pool facility with the master swimmers. It’s a new facility completed in 2011 and boasts 50 meter lanes, 7ft deep. The water here is very clean and they take great care in keeping it that way. The water is also on the chilly side (just the way competitive swimmers like it) so be prepared to swim hard or use a wetsuit of some sort to keep yourself warmer. The best feature of the pool is that in the summer they have the full 50 meters open to swim in and it’s amazing how much faster your workout goes when you have 50 meters instead of 25!  The pool is home to big swimming competitions and the facility contains stadium seating on one side for spectating.

Jenks is actually a suburb of Tulsa 20 minutes to the south of the city. You’ll want to take either Riverside drive heading south from downtown or take highway 75 south. If you’re mapping the address it’s located at:

205 E B St, Jenks, OK ‎


There is parking right outside the large aquatics building. If you go there during the school year you may find that other high school students are also parked in that lot. If that’s the case you still are allowed to park there so go ahead.



The Tulsa Masters Swimmers Schedule is:

MWF: 6:00am to 7:15am

M-F: 11:30am to 1:00pm; 6:00pm to 7:30pm

Saturday: 8:00am to 9:30am

Drop in Rate = $7

To sign up:
Jenks Aquatics Masters or

Tulsa Masters Swimming

Coach and seasoned swimmer George Villarreal runs the Aquatics Center and has assigned master swimmer workouts ready for three different speed abilities in A, B and C workouts (more or less equating to fast, medium and slow). You can drop-in for $7 but they’d like to have their swimmers also be members of the USMS (US Masters Swim Association).  There are locker rooms that you can use and in general I think they encourage the masters swimmers to use the “Guest team” locker rooms which are located to the left of the lobby when you first walk into the building. That way they can keep the other locker room open for the high school swimmers.

One word of caution about swimming here though is that it will spoil all your other pool experiences because the pool here is truly world class.



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