Old School Bagel Cafe

Old School Bagel Cafe

3723 S Peoria Ave, Tulsa, OK

(918) 743-7400

Mon – Sat: 6 am – 4 pm, Sun: 7 am – 3 pm



Old School Bagel Cafe is the breakfast meeting place for the Tulsa athletic community, particularly on weekends. The fresh, New York-style bagels are made in-house each morning in a huge variety of flavors. For those who adhere to a gluten-free diet, Old School also offers gluten-free plain, multigrain, and cinnamon raisin bagels. In addition to the traditional breakfast sandwiches, the restaurant has a wide range of unique breakfast and lunch sandwich options that can be made on either a bagel or freshly made bread or croissants.

 3723 S Peoria Ave, Tulsa, OK

If you’re looking for a healthy option after a long run or ride, try the Healthy Start breakfast sandwich. Served on your choice of bagel (regular or gluten-free), this option includes deli ham, cheddar cheese,  egg whites, spinach, and tomatoes. It’s a delicious way to refuel! Freshly made soups and salads are also available in addition to the smorgasbord of sandwiches. If you’re in a hurry, Old School Bagel has a drive-thru. Don’t miss this Tulsa hot spot while you’re in town!

All photos courtesy of Old School Bagel Cafe.

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  1. natalie cagle

    This is my all time favorite bagel shop ever. And that’s saying something for someone who would turn into a bagel if they had to choose to be a piece of food for the rest of their life. Lots of local Sat. & Sunday runners end their long run here in the morning…for good reason! This business is also a huge supporter of local schools in the area which is awesome. Last thing I’ll say about how great this place is that once we had a crazy bad snowstorm here in Tulsa. Everything was shut down and out of power. We pulled our kids on the sled up to the bagel shop hoping they had power and food and unfortunately they had just run out of food (bc others had the same idea). We started to haul our kids back home in the snow when the owner chased us down with a couple cookies he had to spare bc he hated they were out of food. We told him it wasn’t necessary but he insisted and my kids of course were DElighted. We need more of that in this world. Great business to support!

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