Sculpt Tulsa




5:30am – 7:30am
(see schedule for details)

*Two locations*

4329 S Peoria Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74105
2nd and Detroit, Tulsa, OK 74120


Barre method of exercise is very popular for good reason. It provides strength training, some cardio and flexibility. It feels great on the body after each class and Ive found it can help jumpstart my energy for the rest of the day (a winning combo for travelers)!

Sculpt Tulsa was the first barre studio to come to the city. They’ve become so popular that they now offer two locations: Brookside and in downtown in what Tulsa calls the “Blue Dome” district. Owner Marlene Martindale is a longtime athlete herself and big believer in the results of barre and TRX in her own training routine. You can schedule a class with her or one of her many talented instructors (some of whom are former dancers) easily from their website. They offer classes as early as 5:30 am, which is helpful for business travelers who have a packed schedule ahead of them. They also offer evening classes, which may be more preferable to travelers who have difficulty sleeping when away from home. You do not need a membership to participate in a class and can simply pay the drop-in fee of $18.

I took Elizabeth James class and particularly liked how she had segmented the one-hour workout to concentrate on different muscle groups. By doing so I had expectations of when I would be finished with arms, abs, legs etc. and therefore could push a little harder to make it to the finish line. My quad muscles tend to fatigue easily these days and therefore I was grateful when I heard Elizabeth say, Were almost done with quads and then well move on to upper body! Barre (thankfully) offers modifications for most of the exercises they do; so if youre injured, weaker or fatigued in a certain areas of your body you can still participate by making something easier.

If youre into barre, TRX or strength training, Sculpt Tulsa is a good option to check out while youre in town. Theyre on social media too so you can always check out what theyre up to when you visit.

Natalie Cagle Ramblen AmbassadorThis review was provided by Natalie Cagle, co-founder of Ramblen. Natalie is a triathlete, married to a competitive cyclist and mom of four very active girls. If you’re interested in providing reviews of health and fitness resources in your city or from your travels, please click here.

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  1. Natalie,
    Thanks for coming to Sculpt Tulsa and for recommending us!!! I can’t wait to use this service on my next trip and look forward to having some “Ramblen” guests in our studios! Staying fit… at home and away!!!

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