The Palace Cafe

The Palace Cafe


1301 E 15th St, Tulsa, OK 74120


Chef James Schrader is a fellow cyclist and is one of the people I ride with on the Wednesday Night Ride. He’s also a talented Chef and owner of the Palace Cafe. As athletes, he and his wife, Brooke, go the extra mile to ensure that their menu always has healthy options that accommodate a variety of diets (gluten free, vegan, vegetarian etc.). The Palace Cafe is located on 15th and Peoria and the stretch on 15th from there to Utica is what local Tulsans call “Cherry Street.” The Palace Cafe buys local when they can and are big supporters of the Cherry Street Farmer’s Market where they themselves have a booth. Eating dinner at the Palace is quite literally one of Tulsa’s favorite restaurants and it’s definitely the place you want to take someone that you’re trying to impress or feed a really good meal. Seriously, I’ve never had anything but an amazing meal there and I’m not just saying that! James once told me that he specifically hired a trained patisserie for the restaurant which is basically an artist for desserts. I know I’m supposed to be talking about healthy food here but no one deserves dessert more than someone who just worked out, right? If you’re traveling to Tulsa and are wondering where you should go for lunch or dinner I encourage you to check them out. The menu always changes seasonally so best to click on the menu button above to see what they’re serving up that day. They’re also active on Facebook and frequently post their daily catch or other specials they think the world should know about (and really that should be everything on the menu; have I mentioned how good this place is)?! If you’re here on Sunday you can also check them out for brunch! Here’s an idea…go on a long ride or run early morning and then hit the Palace Cafe for brunch then thank me later.


Natalie Cagle Ramblen AmbassadorThis review was provided by Natalie Cagle, co-founder of Ramblen. Natalie is a triathlete, married to a competitive cyclist and mom of four very active girls. If you’re interested in providing reviews of health and fitness resources in your city or from your travels, please click here.

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