Tulsa River Parks Trail System aka “Riverside”

The Tulsa River Parks running and cycling trails meander along the Arkansas River. More commonly referred to by Tulsans as “Riverside” or “River Trails.” They offer 26 miles of tree-lined, well-maintained asphalt cycling and running paths. The River Trails are simply put, a Tulsa favorite, for all types of athletes. If you get to run in one place in Tulsa this is the place to do it. ┬áIn the Summer and early Fall there are water fountain stations (many of which include a dog water bowl) at every mile marker of the trail.

Many running races incorporate the River Trails into their route and most running/cycling groups meet at various locations along the trail. As a woman, I feel comfortable running on the River Trails during the day but I wouldn’t run on them in the dark alone. Many people run with their dogs here but the dogs are required to be on leash. If your dog is a water dog (like mine) I wouldn’t recommend allowing your dog to swim in the river. The Arkansas River that runs through Tulsa is not the cleanest.

Popular places to park and ride or run are at the 71st, 41st and 21st and Riverside parking lots. UPDATE: Due to construction The 41st and 21st parking lots are not great options. Please check the link from the River Parks for more info at the end of this post.

The Tulsa River Parks Trails are maintained by the River Parks Authority. They have a great website that includes upcoming events, construction updates and detailed maps of the River Parks Trails System:

River Parks Trail Maps


Whether you’re here visiting or here for work Tulsa River Parks is an easy go-to for a good workout and will not disappoint.


UPDATE: The Riverside trails are undergoing construction around 41st, 31st and 21st and Riverside. The Tulsa River Parks Authority has detailed information and maps on the following page:

River Parks Trail Maps and Trail Conditions


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