Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness

Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness is not actually a mountain as much as it is a large rocky hill but it is definitely an urban wilderness.  It’s quite lovely. If you’re traveling through the Tulsa area with your Mountain Bike or BMX bike it’s definitely worth stopping and riding the trails. Believe it or not the trails can get really technical. If you’re a trail runner this is a great spot to get some good miles with all types of off-road terrain.


If the weather has been dry and warm the trails can be dusty but they quickly turn to mud when it rains. This makes the rocks extremely slick for both riding and running. You’ll likely see hikers and people frequently bring their dogs so be alert when on trail.


The trail system is marked by colors: the yellow trail, the blue trail etc. Sometimes these markers are on actual little trail posts as shown in some of the pictures. And sometimes the markers are on trees or other stationary objects also shown in pictures.


It can be difficult to find your way and I’ll admit I’ve been lost more than once up at Turkey. However, when in doubt you can always head down hill and that will lead to something of civilization.

Getting to Turkey Mountain.

There is a parking lot at the base of Turkey that includes plenty of parking and even includes horse trailer parking (you’re in Oklahoma after all).   There is only one entrance by car to the parking lot and that’s through the street of Elwood. If you want to run or ride to Turkey Mountain there are two pedestrian and cycling paths that lead to Turkey. You can access them via the River Parks Trail System and best to look at a map by going here:

Tulsa River Parks Authority Map


Adjacent to the parking lot and at the base of the trailhead are the bathrooms and water fountain for you and one for your dog. Also at the base are two covered picnic areas and a small but nice little open field.  To the south of the parking lot is a really cool bouldering area, which is pictured below.

Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area Hours:
Dawn to Dusk

Turkey Mountain, Tulsa OK 74132

The last time I visited I noticed a new sign was put up to show the Tulsa Parks Safety initiative.


Many local athletic events are held at Turkey Mountain. Tulsa running group, TATUR puts on some fun events at Turkey Mountain and is definitely worth checking out.


TATUR Website


Please check out the Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area website complete with trail map!

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