The Wednesday Night Group Ride



Group Ride Start Time: 5:30PM

Start/End Location: 21st and Jackson parking lot, Tulsa OK 74107

Group Ride Distance: 25-45 miles

Fee to Join: No






The “Wednesday Nighter” or WNR happens from Spring Daylight Savings to Fall Daylight Savings every year in the Tulsa community. The group ride has tremendously grown over the years and now includes hundreds of people of all cycling abilities. It starts at the parking lot on 21st and Jackson, Tulsa OK (or the River West Festival Park).

Image from Trek Bicycle Store in Tulsa
Image from Trek Bicycle Store in Tulsa

However, if you’re coming from downtown or riding your bike on the riverside trail you can catch the group at the very North end of the river trail where it intersects with Southwest Blvd. If you see the monument to Route 66 and a big sculpture of a horse carriage about to hit a car you’ll know you’re in the right place.

The ride technically starts at 5:30pm but people leave anywhere from 5pm to 5:45pm. The later you leave the less people you’ll have to ride with which can be a good or bad thing. This ride has a couple routes so you can go out on a ride anywhere from 25 – 45 miles.  The ride winds out of the city relatively quickly and takes you out into the countryside. There are a few areas that can be a little tricky and while legally in Oklahoma you can ride two abreast (side by side) there are some sections that are better to ride single file because of traffic (like the section on Highway 97). For those of you who thought Oklahoma was flat you’re in for a big surprise if you go on this ride. It comes complete with three really big hills known locally as the “sisters.”

Oklahoma can get really hot in the summer months so you may see a lot of people stopping at a convenience store in the middle of what might seem like nowhere. This shop is accustomed to cyclists stopping in and you can purchase a cold sports drink to cool you off. There are a couple other convenience stores along the shorter routes but this one is the main one people usually stop along the ride. Take advantage of it if you need to stop/cool off.

There is a new, very welcoming group of women that ride that wear the Saint Francis Tulsa Tough pink jerseys and are called The Saint Francis Tulsa Tough Divas. If you’re a woman and looking to ride with someone I suggest giving them a shout.

There is also a private Tulsa Wednesday Night Ride Facebook page. If you have a Facebook account you can look them up and send them a request to join and simply let them know you’re looking for someone to ride with while in town.

Also, Saint Francis Tulsa Tough social media is really plugged into the Tulsa cycling community. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest and direct some questions and they’re sure to get back to you. Saint Francis Tulsa Tough is a really cool three day cycling event held here in Tulsa and attracts cyclists from all over the country. You can read more about that in our event section.

After the ride there is a lot going on in the parking lot: beer, hot dogs, talking, ride recaps etc. But there are also a couple spots that the cyclists meet to go eat after they get all cleaned up. Ask anyone in the parking lot and they’ll tell you where to go.





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