Washington, D.C.:

East Potomac Park

East Potomac Park

14th St SW, Washington, DC

(202) 426-6841

Open daily

East Potomac Park Website

Part of the Marine Corps Marathon route, East Potomac Park is a 3-mile peninsula loop that connects to West Potomac Park and the Tidal Basin.  Runners and cyclists can follow the quiet asphalt street down and around the peninsula to Hains Point, and you’re sure to have good company along the way. The peninsula offers beautiful views of the Potomac River and is relatively uncrowded, depending on the time of day. There is a golf center, tennis center, and pool on the peninsula as well, so a variety of recreational activities are available. Although there is a concrete sidewalk that runs directly along the Potomac River, the sidewalk has significant camber in some places and may not be the best choice for sensitive runners. If you’re looking for a flat, level asphalt route, run on the one-way street instead. Traffic is limited, and the cars expect both pedestrians and cyclists.

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