Washington, D.C.:

Four Mile Run Trail

Four Mile Run Trail

Shirlington, VA

Open daily


Named after Four Mile Run Creek, this seven miles-long asphalt trail (confusing, right?) passes through Shirlington and connects to the much longer W&OD Trail at multiple locations. Benches, trashcans, water, and restrooms are available at the numerous parks along the route every few miles, and the path is well marked. Because the portion of the trail running through Shirlington and Arlington is used by commuters heading into D.C., the route can get busy at rush hour. Cyclists should be aware that the Shirlington/Arlington portion of the path has several road crossings that may require a complete stop. The western portions of the trail are well-shaded, and mile markers are located along the route. The western portion of the trail does see some elevation change as the path runs parallel to the W&OD Trail.  Cyclists, leashed pets, and pedestrians are welcome on the path, and playgrounds and parking lots are also available at the parks along the route.


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  1. This is a great trail located a couple minutes’ walk (or run) from my home, and a favorite of my running club (Shirlington Running Club, a free club that meets on Tuesday nights at 6:30 to run a 5K and then have happy hour – visitors are welcome). Parts of the trail are alongside water (Four Mile Run), with nice views and a peaceful setting. Even though the area is very safe, I would caution against women running on the trail alone at non-peak hours. There has been an occasional crime on this trail, especially in the more secluded, shaded area. However, this is rare, and I am completely comfortable running by myself on this trail during busy times (most of the weekend, and evenings right after work). Portions of the trail run through Barcroft Park, and are technically closed daily at sunset, though there are no barriers to keep people out.

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