Washington, D.C.:

Sligo Creek Stream Valley Trail

Sligo Creek Stream Valley Trail

Sligo Creek Parkway, Wheaton, MD

(301) 650-2600

Open daily

Sligo Creek Stream Valley Trail Website

For those traveling to the Silver Spring/Wheaton area, the Sligo Creek Trail offers 10.2 miles of paved asphalt multi-use trail. Some single track trail borders the pavement along portions of the trail, which runs along the Sligo Creek Parkway. Benches are located at regular intervals along the path, and porta potties and water fountains are available at several parks along the path. The trail is flat, almost completely shaded, offers lovely natural forest views, and has regular mile markers in addition to signage indicating the direction and distances to different cities. Unlike many paths in the D.C. area, the trail is not a common commuter route, so it is less likely to be crowded during peak hours. Cyclists, pedestrians, and leashed pets are all welcome on the trail, which, while not crowded, is still well used. Visitors are unlikely to be alone on the path during the day, and parking is available at the parks along the route.

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